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Prayer for Easter

Death and New Life

At this time of year Lord God, and in this season of Easter we call to mind all you did for us in the giving of your Son.
Jesus himself seemed to sense that certain forces were building against him, even in spite of the fact that he went around doing good, identifying with the outcast, and healing.  These forces of jealousy, need for control, hypocrisy and hatred are still around today Lord.

I feel like I can identify with what Jesus was going through; some things for me seem to be coming to an end, there is a kind of death - the job I had for years, the relationship or marriage which one day meant so much, the very person I used to be.

So, as his followers watched him being arrested, tortured, then finally hanging on a cross, they must have thought - that's it, this is the end.  Death.

It certainly feels that way in life for us sometimes .....

But I thank you that the Easter story doesn't end there Lord.  Of course there is a painful waiting period when nothing much seems to be happening.  This is perhaps the way it has to be .... just STOP for a moment.  For his followers it was a couple fo days.

Then, if the stories in the Bible are to be believed, it happened - a real turnaround, a miracle, life from death.  His followers gradually became aware of the fact that Jesus was risen from the dead.  He met with them over a period of time, and their lives too were turned around and renewed.

So I ask you today Lord - do the same for me.  Lead me out of death - prepared to let go of my old job, that I might be educated or trained in new ways; help me to let go of relationships which were killing me, and to find new relationships which nurture care and love.

I offer my life as a gift to you now, and humbly ask that you would help me to be reborn.

Thank you for new life.  Thank you for Easter.  Thank you for Jesus.

We praise you, for you make all things new.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.