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Prayer for Season of Epiphany

I want to start first Lord, with a prayer of thanks for all you have given me.  Christmas can be a time of mixed emotions, but thank you for presents given and received - signs of connectedness and love for family, friends and neighbours.  Thank you for the chance to meet with family around the Christmas table, especially this year, now that a successful vaccination programme means that some restrictions have been lifted.

This is now the Season of Epiphany when we think about the star guiding the Wise Men to the baby Jesus - the manifestation of God among us made known to all nations.

But I too, Lord, am on my personal spiritual journey; just like the wise men, I also want to follow the light.  Help me to seek out the source of this light, to find the place where peace and love lie in human form, where earth and heaven are fused.  I want to follow the star which guides me through 2022, and which will lead me into the very heart of God.

I am becoming more convinced Lord that I won't find that peace, that heart of God, if I continue to be centred only on myself.  So I take this time to think of others and to offer my prayers to you:  I offer my prayers for those in other countries who are going through really challenging times - in Kazakhstan where there is unrest, and in Ukraine, in Israel and Palestine, in South Africa, in Myanmar, and many other places; and I offer my prayers for our own country here in the UK - and ask a special blessing for nurses and doctors and all who work in our NHS which is being really stretched at this challenging time.  Bring healing to those who are ill, in hospital or at home.  And in the silence I bring to you those known to me who need your help and guidance at this time ................

Finally, in these opening weeks and months of the New Year, I offer and dedicate my life to you once again - support me in the work I do, guide me to your heart of love and care, and help me to find real joy in my relationships with family and friends.

These prayers I offer in the name of Jesus, the Light of the World.