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What we believe – our values

It’s really helpful to know the guiding principles, the driving force that exists at the heart of any organisation.

We’re a community…

At Pond Square Chapel we are proud to be part of the United Reformed Church. As the name suggests, this means a community, and one aligned to the reformation principles of “the priesthood of all believers”.

We understand how people can use their multiple and varied talents to serve their local community. But we also recognise that we often need help, and so we look to Jesus as our guide and inspiration.

What we believe

Our vision is that Pond Square Chapel can act as a catalyst to spread the love of God in our local area of Highgate and surrounds. By our presence and actions we will encourage people to look at Jesus in his life of love, healing, humility and service to others. Our aim is to be a confident, prayerful and growing community.

We believe that God loves everyone, that Jesus shows us God’s love, and encourages us to love others.

Our Values

Looking outwards

As we’re a small but growing church, we work in partnership with others to make a difference in our community. We can’t do everything on our own!

We really enjoy worshipping together on Sundays, a time when we often look ‘inwards’. However, our priority is to also look ‘outwards’. We love Tim Dearborn’s quote:

“It’s not the Church of God that has a mission in the world, but the God of mission who has a church in the world.”*

Finding God in everyday life

We feel it’s misleading to talk about a sacred/secular divide. To think that God is only present in some (sacred) things - church, worship, etc. - but not in other everyday things – from washing up the dishes to dancing, movies to mountains, and in our daily work. God is everywhere.

We encourage people to find God in surprising places, recognise that God is with us in everyday life, and to work out the repercussions.


*Mission-shaped Church, Tim Dearborn, p 85, Church House Publishing, 2004